It all started with a photo of my cat.

My oldest daughter, Lucy and I.

 In 7th grade I was given an assignment in art class to run through a roll of film on a disposable camera and choose my favorite for mounting in the schools hallway.  I honestly don't remember a single other photo I took for that assignment, but the one I framed, I have never forgotten.

The photo I took was taken at the perfect moment.  I was down on the floor, almost shooting up at the cat, who was sitting there staring back at me with a combination of tolerance and disdain (he is a cat after all..).  Then he started to yawn.  Other than being slightly out of focus, I still think it was one of the best photos I've ever taken.  A close up shot, of this majestic beast, mouth agape and roaring ferociously! (only I, and now you, know that he was only yawning....).  

There is no better feeling than nailing that shot - full of emotion and dramatic imagery.  Its that feeling that keeps me shooting.  I love it and I love being able to give that to other people.